Internship Opportunities

Pneu-Dart frequently entertains internships for students to help advance our projects while providing practical “real world” experience to our next generation of associates. College students interested in internship opportunities with Pneu-Dart as part time, full time, summer or during the semester work can express their interest by emailing the following information to

  • Current resume
  • Body of email should indicate:
    • Degree you are pursuing and expected graduation date
    • Name of Educational Institution
    • Availability – Full-time, Part-time, Summer or during the school semesters
    • Any academic requirements (number of hours, project scope, etc.) if the internship is for credit
    • Any other information that would help us understand your passions, strengths and why you would like an opportunity with PDI 

Internships are typically available in: Manufacturing Technologies, Injection Molding, Machine Maintenance, Quality Control, Digital Marketing and IT [Networking / PHP Programming], however all areas of study can be considered.

Drafting/Design Internship

Pneu-Dart is seeking a Drafting / Design Intern.

Position summary:

The Drafting/Design Internship position is a position which enables Associates with minimal job experience to work hand-in-hand with professionals using these tools in a On the Job Training (OJT) environment.

Injection Molding Internship

Pneu-Dart is seeking a Machining / Maintenance Intern.

Position summary:

The primary roles of the IM intern to establish, support, and implement process controls, in all facets of existing and new injection molding projects, including training across all shifts.