Injection Molding Intern

Pneu-Dart is seeking a Injection Molding Intern.

Position summary:
The primary role of the IM technician is to establish, support and implement process controls on all facets of existing and new injection molding projects including training across all shifts.

Master Blaster

Pneu-Dart is seeking a Master Blaster

Position summary:
To support the Pneu-Dart machining department in the operation of creating, preparing, sandblasting and delivering the highest quality parts for production of our products.

Pneu-Dart Digital Marketing Intern

Pneu-Dart is seeking a Digital Marketing Intern

Position summary:

Pneu-Dart is seeking a Business Marketing Major specializing in Digital Marketing. This position is intended for Associate Degree students in their final year of their program or Bachelor’s degree students in at least their junior year. Recent graduates are also eligible.  This position has the potential for consideration of full-time employment.

Assembly Production Associate - First Shift - 4-10's!!!

Assembly Production Associate – First Shift – 4-10’s!!!

Pneu-Dart is seeking an Assembly Production Associate

Position summary:
The primary role of a Production Associate is to work as a team member to assemble products consisting of different components to form a complete piece as per a Standard Work Practice.  Participates in the process improvement teams and programs.

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Pneu-Dart Shipping Team Member

Pneu-Dart is seeking an Shipping Team Member

Position summary:

The primary role of a shipping team member is to assist and process shipments leaving our facility as well as receiving and organizing inbound shipments and supplies.