Pneu-Dart Incorporated invites you to register with us. Pneu-Dart, a Williamsport based manufacturer of remote delivery systems for wildlife and livestock industries offers competitive wages and excellent benefits – including virtually 100% of your health care premium, a matching 401K plan, and a quarterly Incentive Plan with the potential to earn an additional 9% of your annual wage. Please contact Pneu-Dart Human Resources at 570-433-6220 or apply on line! Applications are reviewed when received and contacted as positions become available.

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Summary of Benefits for Full-Time Associates

Welcome to Pneu-Dart! Pneu-Dart is a fast-growing, dynamic organization, built upon the talents and strengths of its people.  Whether you are a prospective candidate for our team or a newly hired associate, it is with great pleasure that we provide the following benefits and work amenities to the hard working men and women that have chosen to make Pneu-Dart their place of employment.

Eligibility: Insurance benefits are available to full-time regular associates on the first of the month following 60 days of employment with PDI.

Medical Benefits – Comprehensive medical and prescription benefits are available to all full time associates and their dependents.  Geisinger is the current benefit provider and plan.    Associates pay a modest contribution for single coverage and pay the cost of covering any qualifying dependents.  Pneu-Dart pays $3,000of the associate’s $5,000 annual deductible. Should the associate waive coverage and demonstrate proof of other coverage, PDI will pay $40 stipend per pay period.

Dental Benefits – Comprehensive dental benefits.  United Concordia is the current provider. Coverage is available to associates and their dependents. Pneu-Dart pays the cost of single coverage and the associate pays the cost of covering any qualifying dependents.

Vision Benefits – Vision Benefits of America is the current provider. Vision benefits are available to associates and their dependents. Pneu-Dart pays the cost of single coverage and the associate pays the cost of covering any qualifying dependents.

401(k) Plan – Associates are eligible to participate in PDI’s 401(k) plan after 12 months of service. Pneu-Dart matches 4% of associate contributions.  The plan provider offers financial consulting to assist associates with planning their investments.

Associate Incentive Plan – Associates that have been employed for 4 months or longer are eligible to earn a quarterly bonus should Pneu-Dart meet or exceed our shipping projections for RDD’s and Projectors.  The quarterly incentive can potentially be as much as 9% of the associate’s income.

Vacation Time – Associates accrue vacation time weekly for a total of 10 days per year for 0-3 years of service, 12 days per year for years 3-7, 15 days per year for years 7-10 and 20 days per year after 10 years of service. Accrued vacation time may be used after completing a 60-day waiting period.

Sick Time – Associate accrue 0.5 days of sick time each month for a total of 6 days over 12 months. Sick time may carry over year to year up to a total of 30 days.

Paid Holidays – Pneu-Dart provides 8 paid holidays per calendar year.

Training, Education & Professional Development –Pneu-Dart provides education assistance to pay for individual courses or courses that are part of a degree, licensing, or certification program must be related to the associate’s current job duties or a foreseeable-future position in the organization in order to be eligible for educational assistance.

Family Educational Programs – Pneu-Dart recognizes the importance of investing in future generations and the benefits of assisting families with their educational children’s educational expenses. PDI offers two programs of support:

The Mind Bending Program– We offer financial assistance for summer educational programs for school age (K-12th grade) children/grandchildren of associates up to $400 per child. An application and eligibility process is available through HR.

The S&S Educational Fund– This fund is for College bound sophomores and seniors (S & S) and offers up to $1250 for the sophomore and senior years of post-secondary education towards the tuition for eligible participants.  An application and eligibility process is available through HR.

Casual Work Environment – Pneu-Dart believes in a work hard, play hard philosophy. We take our work seriously and deliver a quality product to help our customers, yet we carry out our work in a fun, relaxed, family-centered environment.

Rural Setting – The Pneu-Dart facilities are located along the Loyalsock river valley in beautiful Lycoming County.  Our rural setting provides us with the land and facilities necessary to support our continued growth.  Taking a break at work is a little different at PDI.  You get to see beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife.

Lunch on Friday – Every Friday lunch is on us!  Pneu-Dart thanks its associates by bringing in lunch each week.

Fun & Family –  Pneu-Dart knows how important it is to have fun together and to involve family.  Periodically through the year, PDI offers outings, social events, contests and other events to help associates and their families connect.

This is simply a summary of benefits containing basic information.  All benefits will be administered in accordance with plans and policies in place at the time of employment.  This summary does not construe any promise of employment or a contract for employment and any PDI employment is considered employment-at-will.  The company reserves the right to change, amend or discontinue any benefits at any time in accordance with applicable laws.

Here at Pneu-Dart, we manufacture and deliver quality remote drug delivery equipment to the wildlife and livestock industries. With our equipment, humane, effective treatment of virtually any animal is possible immediately, right in the field. And yet what we manufacture is only part of our story.

Why we do it is what matters. We do it to help animals and the people who care for them — to support the families that still make a living from a hard day’s work in the field. Our associates are driven by these same values, and their commitment to family is what defines the Pneu-Dart Way.

We’re proud to share The Daily Life, a glimpse into the lives of the people of Pneu-Dart.

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Pneu-Dart Shipping Team Member

Pneu-Dart is seeking an Shipping Team Member

Position summary:

The primary role of a shipping team member is to assist and process shipments leaving our facility as well as receiving and organizing inbound shipments and supplies.